The Walton Hornets are the football team for the town of Walton, Connecticut, in Adrian Yunevich and Roger Landry's Over the Garden Wall fanfiction.

History Edit

The Hornets were founded as the Walton Reds in 1912. In 1940, their name was changed to the Walton Panthers; after their 0-7 1958 season, they became the Walton Wizards. Fans began to remark the name was cursed after Walton lost their third straight championship in 1970, and so their name was again changed to the Walton Hornets. They won the championship that first year, and the name stuck.

Won Championships Edit

Year Opponent Final
1912 Attleborough Addies 17-8
1916 Attleborough Addies 14-7
1918 Somerville High-Landers 38-22
1920 Bellevue Tanners 17-9
1922 Attleborough Hawks 21-18
1923 Attleborough Hawks 28-7
1926 Bellevue Tanners 17-13
1932 Somerville Highlanders 23-17
1935 Bellevue Tanners 31-21
1943 St. Johns Giants 45-23
1949 Somerville Highlanders 37-7
1950 Clarendon Bobcats 45-14
1967 Bellevue Tanners 24-20
1970 Attleborough Crows 34-10
1972 North Somerville Steamers 35-24
1977 St. Johns Patriots 15-6
1980 Bellevue Tanners 22-16 (OT)

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