The 1914 Deutsch Jugendschachmeisterschaft was a German chess championship, which saw Arnold Albrecht defeat Luise Gruber in the finals. Arnold went on the the Youth Chess World Championship.

Results Edit

First Round Edit

  • Ludwig Meyer over Erich Lorenz
  • Arnold Albrecht over Willi Baum
  • Otto Siegel over Paul Neumann
  • Fritz Klein over Adolf Dietrich II
  • Anna Albrecht over Hedwig Zetzsche
  • Margarethe Krämer over Elsa Marx
  • Luise Gruber over Ida Schreiber
  • Johanna Fuchs over Marie Richter

Quarterfinals Edit

  • Arnold Albrecht over Ludwig Meyer
  • Fritz Klein over Otto Siegel
  • Anna Albrecht over Margarethe Krämer
  • Luise Gruber over Johanna Fuchs

Semifinals Edit

  • Arnold Albrecht over Fritz Klein
  • Luise Gruber over Anna Albrecht

Finals Edit

  • Arnold Albrecht over Luise Gruber

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