The 1914 Ungdom Sjakk Mesterskap For Norge (1914 Youth Chess Championship For Norway) was a Norwegian chess championship, which determined who represented Norway in the Youth Chess World Championship. Helga Strand defeated Nils Berge in the finale, and went on to the Youth Chess World Championship. 


First Round Edit

  • Bjarne Halvorsen over Rolf Haugen
  • Olaf Karlsen over Petter Johansen
  • Sigurd Sørensen over Andreas Eriksen
  • Nils Berge over Gustav Martinsen
  • Ingeborg Rasmussen over Johanne Simonsen
  • Helga Strand over Kristine Lund
  • Anne Jensen over Klara Karlsen
  • Hjørdis Pettersen over Hanna Larsen

Quarterfinals Edit

  • Olaf Karlsen over Bjarne Halvorsen
  • Nils Berge over Sigurd Sørensen
  • Helga Strand over Ingeborg Rasmussen
  • Anne Jensen over Hjørdis Pettersen

Semifinals Edit

  • Nils Berge over Olaf Karlsen
  • Helga Strand over Anne Jensen

Finals Edit

  • Helga Strand over Nils Berge

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